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Philippines Flag Mug Filipino American Flag Black Mug

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The National Flag of the Philippines, also called the Three Stars and a Sun, is a horizontal flag bicolor with equal bands of royal blue and scarlet, and with a white, equilateral triangle at the hoist. In the center of the triangle is a golden-yellow sun with eight primary rays, each representing a Philippine province. At each vertex of the triangle is a five-pointed, golden-yellow star, each of which representing one of the country's three main island groups; Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, the central star originally referred to Panay, where Iloilo is located, the first province outside Luzon to have raised this flag, which is commonly mistaken to be the whole island group of Visayas. Panay, which recent interpretations call a representative of the entire Visayas region. A unique feature of this flag is its ability to indicate a state of war, if it is displayed with the red side on top. Filipino immigrants in the USA may be glad to wave the American flag, but are proud their story originated in the Philippines. This is a great gift mug for anyone born in the Philippines or Filipino American. or just anyone who loves a vacation there.